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  • EzyDog Adjustable Car Seatbelt Attachment

    Ezydog Adjustable Car Seatbelt Attachment for Dogs The Ezydog Car Seatbelt For Dogs is sure to keep your dogs secure during any car ride. The EzyDog Click Dog Car Restraint effectively...
  • Trixie Reflective Safety Vest for Dogs

    From $13.70
    Trixie Safety Vest (Reflective) for Dogs This cool, fashionable reflective vest features a quick and easy velcro system and has fully adjustable neck & girth straps. The unique design of...
  • Training Clicker With Whistle

    2 in 1 Training Clicker With Whistle for Dogs Made of strong, durable plastic Consistent clicking sound Whistle tone carries over long distances Comes in; green, black, blue & orange...
  • JW Guillotine Nail Trimmer JW Guillotine Nail Trimmer
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    Guillotine Nail Trimmer

    JW GripSoft Guillotine Pet Nail Trimmer This pet nail clipper features a guillotine style blade, that is stronger than smaller clippers to handle thicker nails. Simply use the cutting blade to line...
  • Cooling Mat

    From $39.99
    Trixie Dog Cooling Mat  Great for summer and when your dog needs to be cooled down. The Trixie Dog Cooling Mat supports regulation of body temperature on warm days creating...
  • Junior Cooling Bone Junior Cooling Bone
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    Junior Cooling Bone

    Trixie Eco-friendly Non Toxic Dog Toy Perfect for small dogs to play with and cool down while chewing. Simply soak the rubber bone in water (or freeze if you like)...
  • Trixie Maze Treat Ball 7cm & 9cm

    From $15.95
    Trixie Maze Treat Snack Ball - 7cm & 9cm The Maze Ball is a great toy for stimulating your pet's mind & keeping their muscles active through play. It provides both...
  • Bathrobe for Dogs
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    Bathrobe for Dogs

    Wearable towel for dogs - M This very fashionable and practical dog washing towel allows you to dry your dog and then keep them warm while they wear it after...
  • EzyDog SnakPak Go Treat Belt

    EZYDOG Treat Bumbag -  150ml The SnackPak Go dog treat belt with magnetic pocket is a convenient way to carry your dog treats when taking your dog for walks or when...
  • EzyDog SnakPak dog treat bag EzyDog SnakPak Treat Bag
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    EzyDog SnakPak Treat Bag

    EzyDog Treat Snack Bag - 650ml The SnackPak dog treat bag is the perfect magnetic treat bag to make training your dog a breeze. The quick twin magnetic closures provide...
  • EzyDog Mongrel Lead EzyDog Mongrel Lead
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    EzyDog Mongrel Lead

    Ezydog Leash Mongrel Neo Dog Walking Lead 22cm The EzyDog Mongrel Lead is a short dog leash for walking large dogs. It offers owners firm support when handling their dogs...
  • EzyDog Zero Shock Leash

    EzyDog Zero Shock Dog Leash 60cm  The Next Generation of Shock Absorbing Dog Leashes. This is definitely an innovation worth raving about! A high-spec, shock-absorbing webbing dog leash that actually works. It has...
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