Trixie Dog Snack Treat Ball 7cm

Trixie Dog Snack Treat Ball 7cm

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Trixie Snack Treat Ball - 7cm 

The Maze Ball is a great toy for stimulating your pet's mind & keeping their muscles active through play. It provides both mental and physical stimulation keeping both their mind and body active and agile. It also solves behaviour problems by relieving boredom and keeping your pet entertained. Simply fill with treats for your dog to sniff out. Snacks fall out from the rolling motion & stir up your pet's interest, making it that extra interesting chew toy. You can also fill the Maze Ball with water then freeze it and then let your dog play with it so it cools him down during hot summer months. The Maze Ball is a great for mental training and stimulation so your dog's mind stays alert. 

  • Made with premium-quality natural rubber
  • Long time amusement due to integrated labyrinth
  • Can be filled with most small dog treats
  • Great for entertaining your dog
  • Rolls quietly & even bounces
  • Combines amusement & complimentary food
  • Trains the skills and keeps your pet agile
  • Suitable for small to medium dogs
  • Available in colours; pink, blue & red

Size: 7cm 

*Supervise your pet while playing. Do not allow your dog to chew up the toy. This is often a sign of the dog feeling frustrated and/or overtaxed.