Veal Tail Dog Treats

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100% Natural Veal Tail Dog Treats

Veal is a good source of protein and provides essential minerals such as; phosphorus - energy metabolism, movement, cell membrane structure. and zinc - critical for skin function and wound healing. 

Filled with the benefits of high protein, the bones in the tail have a special honey comb structure that collapses around each tooth when chewed into, helping with dental hygiene. There is also meat around the bones so that your pet can enjoy its delicious flavour and benefit from the additional nutrition. Veal is also low in fat so a great treat for pets watching their waist line!

  • Sourced from New Zealand grass veal
  • Grain & gluten-free with no added salt/sugar
  • Naturally dried & palatable to last much longer
  • Suitable for all dogs especially chewers

Pieces 15cm in length and packaged by weight.