Trixie Thinning Scissors

Trixie Thinning Scissors

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Trixie Thinning Scissors (Single Sided 18cm)

The Trixie thinning scissor is a great way to care for your pet's coat and keep it looking great. One of the blades is serrated and makes light work of de-matting or thinning out your pet's fur, great for untangling stubborn pet hair.

Use these scissors to thin out your pet's fur or in addition when you give your pet a general haircut. This scissor is particularly useful for managing long-haired dogs and dogs with thick fur will. It makes a noticeable the difference in thinning your pet's hair, keeping it smooth, neat and well groomed.

The thinning scissors are made of metal and the plastic handles have a non-slip rubber grip so the scissors will feel safe and secure in your hand.

  • Suitable for grooming dogs, cats & small animals
  • For de-matting and thinning 
  • Plastic handle & non-slip rubber grip

 Dimensions: 18 cm, 6cm blades. Made of stainless steel.