Trixie Dog Car Harness - S/M/L

Trixie Dog Car Harness

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Trixie Dog Car Harness - XS/S/M/L

The Trixie Dog Car Harness is the best protection for you and your dog when out on the road. The harness is made of strong, yet soft nylon fabric and is particularly sturdy and secure. It ensures your dog's safety and security on road trips and outings by car. A dog car harness is an extra safety measure when your pet is being transported. The car safety harness restrains your dog and keeps him back while he is clipped in. You can easily put your dog in the harness at home and then climb into the car.

Made to be strong and durable, the harness uses non-porous material which helps reduce odours. Soft lining provides extra comfort for your dog. Fully adjustable in the chest and stomach area, it supports the dog's upper torso and does not cause pain or discomort when you are pulling your dog. The harness is particularly robust thanks to a built-in strain relief. Have peace of mind on the road knowing your best bud is safe on the backseat.

Safety Features:

The Trixie Dog Car Harness has extra soft padding in the neck, chest and abdomen area, so that your dog does not get injured even when the car brakes suddenly. It also adds another element of safety in that it prevents your dog from jumping out of an open car window or door. It increases the protection of you and your dog against injury in the event of an accident or when braking. By allowing your dog to wear a harness, you help protect your dog's neck from the presssure of a leash or seatbelt attachment applied to their collar. The 


  • Dog Car Safety Harness with lead attachment
  • Ensures your dog's safety in the car
  • Fast and easy to put on your dog
  • Can also be used as a general harness
  • Easy to clean and quick to dry
  • Come in; black 
  • Available in XS/S/M/L


  • Made of robust, soft nylon fabric
  • Strong chrome hook and slides 
  • Soft inner chest padding for comfort
  • Consists of strong, durable nylon webbing
  • Buckle fits with all standard seat belts
  • Fully adjustable short lead for breaks
  • Easy adjustable straps help create a secure fit

Size: 40mm wide. 

X Small: 20 - 50cm (Yorkshire Terrier)

Small: 30 - 60cm (e.g. West Highland Terrier)

Medium: 50 - 70cm (Cocker Spaniel)

Large: 70 - 90cm (Golden Retriever)

*If you are taking your dog on a long trip ensure they have sufficient open windows while in the car and are kept hydrated.

Safety Tip:

ALWAYS ensure your dog is restrained in the car at all times while driving using a car harness, crate or grill for its safety. However; 
- Do not restrain your dog by a lead and collar in the car.
Do not keep your dog restrained in the car unsupervised.
- Do not place your dog near air bags in the car.

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