Trixie Cat Harness & Lead

Trixie Cat Harness & Lead

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Trixie Cat Adjustable Harness & Lead - 3 Sizes (Kitty Size/One Size/Big Size)

The Trixie Cat Adjustable Harness & Lead is made of nylon and uses continuously adjustable webbing tape with snap buckles. This harness is suitable for cats and kittens and comes with an attachable lead. Great for walking your feline friend!


  • Made of durable nylon
  • Easy clip-on snap buckles
  • Continuously adjustable webbing tape
  • Comes in colours; black, blue, red & purple

Sizing - 3 Sizes:

Kitty Size / Junior

Stomach Circumference: 21-34 cm
Colours: Black, Grey, Purple & Teal

Leash: 1.2m

One Size

Stomach Circumference: 27-45 cm
Colours: Black, Blue, Red & Purple
Leash: 1.2m

Big Size

Measurements: 34-57 cm
Colours: Black, Blue, Red, & Teal
Leash: 1.2m

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