Trixie Activity Snack Dog Treat Ball 11cm

Trixie Activity Snack Dog Treat Ball 11cm

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Trixie Activity Snack Dog Treat Ball 11cm

The Snack Ball is an innovative, educational and motivational play tool for dogs. Simply fill the ball through the holes with food and treats, and in no time your dog will begin to play and retrieve the snacks inside the ball. Your dog will roll the snack ball around until he can gets the treats out and eventually gets at all the hidden treats.

This toy is stimulating for your dog and teaches him how to use his instincts, mental skills and agility to get the treats out of the ball. Suitable for medium-sized and large dog breeds, the Snack Ball not only provides a challenge, but also lots of fun and excitement for your dog. Combining playtime with mental stimulation and reward will ensure your dog is kept busy and having a ball of a time! 

  • Made of hard-wearing plastic
  • Adjustable opening to regulate the treat output
  • Snacks fall out from the rolling motion & stir up your pet's interest
  • Combines amusement & complimentary food
  • Trains the skills & great reward toy
  • Suitable for medium to large dogs
  • Available colours; blue & red

Size: 11cm

*Supervise your pet while playing. Do not allow your dog to chew up the toy. This is often a sign of the dog feeling frustrated and/or overtaxed.