Trixie Dog Training Soft Clicker

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Trixie Dog Training Soft Clicker

The Soft Clicker (with clicker button) is a great tool used for training your dog and provides essential help for optimal training. It is effective in training your canine due to the special sound signal it creates when the soft button is clicked. A great way to train your dog using positive reinforcement. A great way to train your dog using positive reinforcement. The Soft Clicker can be used in conjuction with a treat to reward your dog when they do the command as instructed. 

  • Consistent tone/sound
  • Handy wrist loop for trainer/handler
  • Quick-snap clip easy to detach from spiral wristband
  • Lightweight and portable so easy to carry
  • Won't get easily lost due to spiral wristband
  • Soft clicker tone for puppies and sensitive animals
  • Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits and birds
  • Comes in colours; blue/white

* Soft button creates clicking sound so clicks can be controlled by the handler.

Soft Clicker Instructions