Fish Cartilage For Cat & Dog Treats

Fish Cartilage For Cat & Dog Treats

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Sustainably and ethically sourced wild shark is composed of macro-protein fibers containing collagen and chondroitin, in addition to 6-7 health-promoting mucopolysaccharides and glucosamine. An excellent chew for dental health, easy to digest, an excellent source of collagen and omega fatty acids so it is perfect for all breeds

Great for skin, joints and coat health, massaging gums of teething puppies learning to chew. Dried cartilage has the ability to help with joint pain for senior pets and is also beneficial for skin and bone health providing calcium for growing pups. 

  • 100% natural single protein source
  • Great source of omega, vitamins & minerals
  • Soft bone cartilage suitable for all size cats and dogs
  • Free from salts, additives, hormones, antibiotics & preservatives

Comes in food grade packaging with zip lock. Feed as a snack or a training reward as part of a balanced diet.