Retractable Dog Leash

Retractable Dog Leash

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Retractable Dog Walking Leash For Small Dogs - 3m, 25lbs

Retractable Dog Walking Leash For Small To Medium Dogs - 5m, 33lbs

This cool retractable dog leash is great for pet owners who want a compact sized telescoping dog leash. With a hand grip, it’s very comfortable and easy to hold making it ideal when on the go. High quality nylon will hold up to 25lbs of tension (not meant to be used for large dogs). The one-handed braking allows you to advance or retract to your desire, so you control how far your dog walks with you.

  • Perfect for small to medium dog breeds
  • One-handed brake/lock button stops pet from advancing
  • Stainless steel clip for attaching to your dog's collar
  • Comfortable handle for better control
  • Comes in colours; lime, yellow, pink, black & blue

Best for teacup, purse, miniature and small sized puppies, dogs and cats. Not suitable for big dogs. 

Leash length: S - 3m (11.5FT), Maximum tension 25 lbs.

Leash length: S/M  - 5m (16.5FT), Maximum tension 33lbs.