Trixie Dog Poop Bag Holder

Trixie Dog Poop Bag Holder

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Trixie Dog Pick Up Dirt Bag Holder

This innovative dog dirt bag holder is a great accessory for holding your dog's mess in a convenient, non contact way. It can be attached to a retractable leash handle, dog lead or other device so it is hands free. This ensures your hygiene so you can discard of your dog's waste with ease.  There is no need to carry the full bag in your hand because you simply place the tied poop bag into the Trixie Dirt Bag Holder. Make picking up your dog's mess a breeze with this cool dog accessory!

  • Made of lightweight silicone
  • For used and unused dog dirt bags
  • Hands free so keeps dirt out of touch
  • Easy to attach to most dog walking accessories
  • Fast removal of bag without opening knot
  • Colour: black

Size: 14cm × 4 cm