Petkin Eye & Tear Swabs For Cats & Dogs

Petkin Eye & Tear Swabs For Cats & Dogs

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Keep your pet's eye health at optimal level with Petkin tear stain remover swabs. Safe and effective for removing dirt and tear stains around your dog or cat's eye area, as well as in preventing new tear stains from forming. It ensures your pet can see more clearly and comfortably. Included are special pet eye swabs for ease when removing tea stains and dirt. Ensure your beloved pet is a happy camper with healthy, bright eyes with Petkin Eye & Tear Swabs.

  • Liquid filled
  • Eye area cleanser
  • 24 x liquid filled swabs
  • Comes in a handy resealable container 

Because Petkin Eye & Tear Swabs are lightweight and portable, it can be conveniently stored in your pet's travel pack for use on the go.

Contents: 3.6ml