Pet Nursing Kit

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Trixie Suckling Bottle Set for puppies and kittens - 120 ml

If you have the milk for your baby dog or cat ready but don’t know how to feed them properly, you might need the Trixie Suckling Bottle Set for Dogs and Cats. This kit is especially necessary if your pet is only a few hours old or just a pup. The Trixie Suckling Bottle Set is ideal for puppies and kittens of small, medium-sized, and large breeds.

If the new mother can’t nurse her young ones, you can help them get the nutrients they need with the right tools in this pet nursing kit. It includes three soft silicone teats in different sizes, which are sterilizable, a lid, and a ten-milliliter measuring spoon. The rearing bottle has a capacity of 120 milliliters, and it’s transparent to help you easily see the level of milk.


  • Developed with vetenarians
  • For puppies and kittens & small breeds
  • 3 soft silicone teats in different sizes
  • Comes with lid & 10ml measuring spoon
  • Instructions for use

Rearing bottle set, 120ml.