Otocleanse Ear Cleanser 100ml

Otocleanse Ear Cleanser 100ml For Dogs

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A multi-purpose cleansing, debriding and disinfecting agent for the management of acute and chronic otitis externa. Also, routine use helps maintain a healthy ear canal. The hydroxy acids lower the pH of keratin and wax, so allowing better absorption of water. This allows waxy and necrotic debris to be easily removed and this, combined with the associated germicidal and antifungal action, promotes a healthy tissue environment. Assists tissue healing by separating dead from underlying granulation tissue and by inhibiting bacterial growth. Also promotes the healing of wounds and abrasions, especially where infected and necrotic tissue is impairing tissue repair processes.

Aids in the prevention and treatment of otitis externa and is indicated for the treatment of wounds and abrasions where healing is impeded by the presence of necrotic tissue, debris or wax in horses, dogs and cats.

Not for use on animals with perforated eardrums. Some minor allergic sensitivity to actives may occur.

malic acid 23.4 mg/mL, benzoic acid 1.56 mg/mL and salicylic acid 0.38 mg/mL in a clear solution containing propylene glycol 416m/mL.

Available in 100mL squeeze bottles with elongated nozzles.