Lamb Tripe Dog Treats

Lamb Tripe Cubes Dog Treats

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100% Natural Lamb Tripe Dog Treats

Lamb tripe is highly nutritious, contains plenty of enzymes, good bacteria, and nutrients that are excellent for your pet’s health. It is a very natural part of a dog's ancestral diet and contains probiotics, calcium, phosphorous and healthy fats. It is a great aid in settling your dog's tummy during food changes and for your pets ongoing digestive health. Our lamb tripe has been dehydrated to remove the moisture content. This process helps to preserve the shelf-life of the tripe, and also ensures that the nutrients remain within it. 

  • Sourced from New Zealand free-range, grass-fed lamb
  • Grain and gluten-free with no added salt or sugar
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • No bleaching or chemical processing
  • Naturally dried for goodness and flavour
  • Great reward treat and good for promoting your dog's long-term dental health

It is a great treat to supplement an all-natural raw food diet or if your dog's diet is nutrient-deficient. A great source of many essential vitamins and nutrients, which supports a balanced diet.