Silent Dog Whistle

Silent Dog Whistle

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Trixie High Frquency Dog Whistle

Dogs primarily react to tones and acoustic signals as opposed to language. They have a significantly wider range of sounds and perceive the sounds of a high-frequncy whistle with the same volume as the sounds from a normal dog whistle. They learn easier with consistent tones and signals. The high frequency whistle is ideal for training and hunting. Its sound differs clearly from the day to day sounds with which the dog is normally confronted. The pitch of the high frequency whistle will be perceived by dogs because of their larger audio frequency.

Curb bad behaviour and train your dog or puppy well with a silent dog whistle. The silent dog whistle is an excellent training aid for your dog. It is almost inaudible to the human ear, but your dog will hear it loud and clear. Therefore the whistle is optimal for training and hunting, as the sound can hardly be heard. It sound is clearly different from the usual sounds that surround your dog every day. This way, when trained to do a command utilising the whistle, your dog will obey your instructions more easily.  

  • High frequency whistle designed for dogs
  • Frequency guard guarantees a consistent tone frequency
  • Very quiet to human hearing but audible to dogs
  • Keychain ring for attaching to jeans or belt straps
  • Made of quality metal & lightweight plastic 
  • Small and compact so you fit it in your pocket
  • Individually tuneable
  • Colour; black

With the high-frequency whistle, the pitch is individually adjustable. With the help of the adjusting screw underneath the plsatic cap (frequency protection) you can choose the the pitch suitable for your dog. The higher sounds are for a close range, the lower sounds for longer distances. The pitch can be fixed with the nut below the the adjusting screw.

Tip: If the cap cannot be removed, please hold the whistle under warm water.

* Please be aware that this whistle is not totally silent. It has a frequency which is not audible to humans but is very loud to dogs who have high sense of hearing. 

Size: 8 cm