Non-slip Dog Socks

Trixie Dog Non-Slip Dog Socks

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Trixie Non-slip Dog Socks XS/S, S/M, M/L, L - One Pair

These cool dog socks are a great way to keep your dog's paws clean. They are also useful for dogs having problems with their paws, such as a result of an injury. Dog socks protect and cushion the paws so that they can walk, run and play comfortably and just do what regular dogs do. There are rubber dots under the socks, so that your dog does not slip on polished or slippery surfaces. 

Many pet owners find these dog socks a great way to keep their floors and furniture clean, so you can expect guests anytime without dirty paw marks left behind. These dog socks are super easy to clean as well. Your dog may take some time to adjust to wearing these socks, but once they do, they'll love it.

  • Made of cotton with lycra
  • Slip-proof due to anti-slip rubber dots
  • Protects smaller wounds
  • Offers great padded grip for dog paws
  • Protection for floors and furniture
  • Super comfy and easy to wash
  • Comes in; grey only

Sizes available in:

  • XXS-XS (e.g: German Spitz)
  • XS-S (e.g: Dachshund)
  • S-M (e.g: Shetland Sheepdog)
  • M-L (e.g: Australian Shepherd)
  • L-XL (e.g: Golden Retriever) * fits XL (e.g: German Shepard)

Suitable for all dogs; particularly older dogs, dogs with pad injuries, post-surgery and those with paw problems. See size chart for suitable fitting.

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