Dog Exercise Cable

Dog Exercise Cable

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Steel Wire Pet Outdoor Cord - 3m, 5m & 10m

This Dog Tie-Out is a must-have for dogs who love the outdoors. You can use it as a tie-out while camping, or when you want to have your dog outside with you at a barbeque with others around but still have him nearby. Great for big dogs, it holds pretty well and is extremely tough and durable. This means it won't break or snap like inferior quality dog cables. It is made with high quality wire rope and covered in a rust-preventing PVC outer film that makes it less resistant to dirt.

The pet dog tie-out is made of heavy-duty galvanized wire cable with strong chrome hooks attached on both ends. The 360 degree swivel hooks can be used to attach a dog to a screw eye, stake, or it can be used as a clip cable to tie around a tree. These patented twin swivel hooks mimimise the cord tangling. It is also impact-resisting to protect a dog's neck jerking when it reaches the end of the cable.

  • Heavy duty pet tie-out cable for dogs
  • Strong alloy chrome-plated clasp hook ends
  • Practical way to tie your dog in public spaces
  • Easy to wipe clean outer plastic film covering
  • Steel wire cable with dual hook heads for 2 dogs
  • Suitable for medium to large dogs
  • Available in 3colours; blue, red & silver

This exercise cable has a convenient double head hook for walking two dogs at the same time. Keep your dog close and safe by using the outdoor Dog Exercise Cable. It has a range of uses including; controlling an agressive dog so they do not come in contact with people when outside. When you want to have your dog within your reach but still give him the freedom to move around, this dog tie-out cable is the solution. Made of premium stainless steel covered with PVC protection tube, it can withstand dog chewing so it is perfect for strong or even aggressive dogs. 

Length: 3m, 5m & 10m x 5mm. 

*Can withstand dogs up to 80 kilograms.