Venison Ear Donuts

Venison Ear Donuts

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100% Natural Venison Donuts Dog Treats

The venison donut is a treat to suit all breeds of dog. It comes from the inner ear of the animal so it contains many vitamins and nutrients, as well as bits of lean meat. Your dog will love the different textures of this treat that is sure to keep them pre-occupied and out of trouble. Deer donuts are particularly great for aggressive chewers and dogs who have anxiety. It is a hard, strong chew that will last for some time so it is great value for money.

  • Sourced from New Zealand free-range animals
  • Grain and gluten-free with no added salt or sugar
  • Naturally dried for goodness and flavour
  • Great reward treat and good for promoting your dog's long-term dental health
  • Suitable for hypoallergenic pets