String Mouse Cat Toy

String Mouse Cat Toy 2 Pack

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This cute string mouse cat toy is a 'must-have' for your feline companion. We all know cats love to chase mice, and what better way to test their abilities than with a string mouse toy? It is safe for your cat to chew and play with, and they will love it because it looks like a mouse. Your cat will have endless fun with this string mouse, and it will also keep their mind active and engaged.
  • Made of string and veld so safe on your cat's teeth
  • Soft texture makes is easy for your cat to pick up and bite when playing
  • Light weight and portable for taking in your cat pack
  • Great toy to keep your cat preoccupied and playful
  • Comes in random colours
  • Tail is a feather
  • 2 pack

size: 5cm

Colours and pattern may vary