Beco Pocket Poop Bag Holder & Spare  For Dogs

Beco Pocket Poop Bag Holder & Spare For Dogs

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Beco Pocket Eco-Friendly Bamboo Poop Bag Dispenser for Dogs with Non Slip Bungee Fitting 

The Beco Pocket is a revolutionary, eco-friendly poop bag dispenser.  Unlike most other bag dispensers, the Beco Pocket uses a unique bungee system to attach to almost any lead!The Beco Pocket's compact design and shape make it easy to take anywhere. Made from sustainable bamboo the Beco Pocket is an eco-friendly way to store your pup's poop bags when taking them for walks. This dispenser is tough and durable and uses a versatile bungee system to attach to any lead, strap belt or bag. 

The Beco Pocket is designed with a unique bungee system, this means the Pocket can be easily attached to a variety of places, from your dog’s lead to even on a pram or inside a car boot! The Pocket’s bungee system also makes it easy to take apart and refill it as it is made from a plant fibre plastic. This means it is sustainable and biodegradable, so for the first time your dog's poop bag holder can be just as eco-friendly as the bags inside. Carrying waste bags has never been so easy and eco-friendly!

  • Eco-friendly & biodegradable including poop bags
  • Bungee system makes it easy to take apart & refill poop bags
  • Includes 1x roll of 15 degradable dog poop bags
  • Easy to attach to almost any dog lead, bag, stroller, or other surface
  • Holds almost all kinds of rolls of poop bags
  • Available in 4 fun colours: blue, green, beige & pink 

Made from environmentally friendly, sustainable fiber plastic. A patented blend of rice husks and bamboo means it is biodegradable and won't harm our ecosystem.

Size: 9cm x 5cm