Aniwell Active Manuka Honey - 50g

Aniwell Manuka Honey - 50g For Dogs & Cats

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Aniwell Active Manuka Honey For Pets - 50g

Aniwell Active Manuka Honey contains the unique compound 'methylglyoxal' that provides a special natural antibacterial function able to block many infectious bacteria.

It uses all the known antibacterial benefits of Active Manuka Honey in this easy to administer topical application. It is great for minor cuts and wounds, bites, grazes, skin irritations and abrasions and is suitable for all damaged skin conditions.

Use of Active Manuka Honey:

  • Apply directly to minor wounds and abrasions
  • A dressing is not necessary but may be applied to stop your pet interfering with the wound
  • The cream has a skin soluble surfactant added to maximize surface contact

This cream should not be used when a sterile dressing is required after surgical procedures.

Benefits of FiltaClear Cream:

It has a non-peroxide antibacterial substance(s) which is present in some New Zealand Manuka Honey. This non peroxide activity antibacterial quality is beneficial for topical application, and may also control the bacterial invasion of damaged skin.

The peroxide effect (H2O2) is released from the honey when it contacts serum production from damaged areas.

Honey is a super sugar solution so when applied to damaged skin it draws moisture/fluid from the area (using osmosis) so working as a gentle poultice. 

Aniwell Active Manuka Honey is an excellent topical treatment used as an antibacterial wound dressing. It assists with healing in that it contains Active Manuka Honey which is above 15+, this is when optimal antibacterial activity is achieved, which essentially speeds up the healing process.  

Vet recommended.