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  • Veal Rib Jerky Dog Treats
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    Veal Rib Jerky

    100% Natural Veal Rib Jerky Dog Treats Veal Rib Jerky is the meat cut away from the rib bone so it is deliciously nutritious and morish! Great for keeping your canine chewing...
  • Beef Weasand Stick 15cm

    From $29.40
    100% Natural Beef Weasand Sticks Dog Treats  These Beef Weasand Sticks are the same as the bully sticks we normally stock except that they are dried lying flat instead of...
  • Beef Weasand Stick 10cm

    From $21.20
    100% Natural Beef Weasand Sticks Dog Treats  These beef weasand sticks are the same as the bully sticks we normally stock except that they are flatter than the standard beef bully...
  • Beef Chew Sticks 10cm

    From $31.32
    100% Natural Beef Chew Stick Dog Treats Chew sticks are a healthy treat for your dog because it is significantly low in fat. It is great for all dogs, especially...
  • Pork Tongue
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    Pork Tongue

    100% Natural Pork Tongue Jerky Dog Treats Pork Tongue is a lean protein that contains many key vitamins; such as zinc, iron, choline and vitamin B12. It is rich in fatty acids and...
  • Duck Bones Dog Treats
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    Duck Bones

    100% Natural Duck Bones Dog Treats Dug Bones provide a great alternative to larger, dense bones. They are not only smaller and more patable, but a rich source of protein. A...
  • Goat Ears Dog Treats
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    Goat Ears

    100% Natural Goat Ears Dog Treats Goat Ears is a novel yet popular game meat for all dogs, but particularly popular with small dogs because they are not as big as...
  • Ostrich Liver Dog Treats Ostrich Liver Dog Treats
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    Ostrich Liver Snaps

    100% Natural Ostrich Liver Dog Treats Ostrich Liver is an exotic, novel treat that is packed with natural vitamins and is highly nutritious, healthy and a great source of protein. Liver...
  • Goat Heart Chips

    From $12.50
    100% Natural Goat Heart Chips Dog Treats Goat Heart Chips are a highly nutritious, novel protein that is sourced from the muscle of the goat. It contains many anti-inflammatory benefits, and feeding your pet...
  • Venison Busy Bone

    From $16.00
    100% Natural Beef Wrapped Venison Busy Bone Dog Treat - Single The venison busy bone is a dehydrated foretrotter femur bone that is wrapped in beef weasand. It is a...
  • Beef Jerky Strips
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    Beef Jerky Strips

    100% Natural Beef Weasand Strips Dog Treats Beef Jerky Strips are a deliciously chewy treat high in glucosamine, which aids in joint mobility. It is a great single source of protein...
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