PAW Lav Groom Spray 200ml For Dogs

PAW Lav Groom Spray 200ml For Dogs

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PAW has introduced a new mini trigger spray to the PAW Conditioning and Grooming Spray following pet owner feedback to:

• Improve the coverage and application
• Make it even easier to condition & groom pets with the 200ml bottle

Featuring 'Quick Spray Control' this mini trigger achieves optimal coverage to all areas of the pet’s coat. Just a few sprays and a comb through for a soft, silky, tangle-free coat that smells naturally fresh!

Conditioning & Grooming Spray is a gentle alcohol-free spray that moisturises, freshens & detangles the coat, making conditioning easy by using a simple spray application. It uses pawDerm® technology that combines:
• Gentle conditioning and detangling agents for a silky smooth coat
• Rich moisturising & conditioning ingredients for coat & skin health
• Natural essential oils for a naturally fresh pure scent

Purified water, glycerin (vegetable), cetrimonium chloride, surfactant, hydrolysed oats, lactic acid, preservative, panthenol, lavender oil, jojoba oil.