Vitakraft Cat Poesie Deli Junior Sauce + Chicken - 85g

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Pure pleasure with tender turkey breast, rich in fine sauce. Specially tailored to the requirements of kittens. These delicious morsels with juicy turkey breast in a delicate sauce are a real treat for young cats and have an irresistible taste. Bag by bag, Poésie® Délice Junior contains natural, high-quality pieces of meat in lots of fine sauce for pure enjoyment. The best ingredients guarantee the highest quality and are nutritionally perfectly tailored to the needs of young cats. Your little one won't be able to get enough of this delicacy either. Vitakraft. With love.

• No grain
• No added sugar
• No added artificial colourings or preservatives

Complete feed for young kittens.
Composition: Meat and animal derivatives (55%, including 10% chicken fillet), derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals.

Additives: Vitamin D3, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Taurine

84.0% - Moisture
8.0% - Protein
4.5% - Fat Content
2.0% - Ash
0.3% - Fibre