100% Natural Dog Kibble made in Aotearoa


Reasons to start your puppy on or to switch your dog’s kibble to a premium, all-natural New Zealand made kibble.

There are many brands of kibble being sold in New Zealand with each brand professing to be the best kibble for your dog, and with most of these brands being manufactured by overseas companies. These companies spend a lot of money marketing their brands but are they really beneficial and suitable for your dog?

At the Paw Store, we are selective in the products that we sell and will not sell a product that we do not believe is good for your pet, or that we ourselves feel is not suitable for our pets. We also will not advise pet owners on a brand of kibble that we have not tested on our own pets.

We have chosen to sell the Addiction range of dog kibble after researching the benefits of this kibble on a dog’s diet. Addiction is a pet food manufacturing company based in New Zealand and exporting around the world from good old Aotearoa. Made by Kiwis, the Addiction and Wishbone range is a quality, grain and gluten-free kibble, and you can feed it to your pets without having to worry about any toxic additives or unnecessary fillers.

Addiction Pet Food Values;

> Only High-Quality Premium Proteins

  • Using high-quality premium proteins, Addiction’s pet foods are hypoallergenic that veterinarians recommend for pets with sensitivities or allergies.

Closest to What Nature Intended

  • Addiction sources its proteins from free-range, cage-free animals that are raised without antibiotics and hormones. Only the safest and freshest ingredients from the cleanest sources are used for our pet food.

> Formulated With Taurine

  • Addicted to providing the most advanced hypoallergenic nutrition to dogs and cats around the world, Addiction recognized the need to include taurine in our dry pet foods for better heart health. From Day 1, taurine has been added into the formulation of our dry foods, ensuring that your pet gets the best nutritional benefits in every feed.

Addiction Pet Food comes highly recommended and you can be assured that your pet is gaining all the essential nutrients in their diet from a natural kibble. They stand by their moto An Obession With Nutrition that guarantees your pet is getting all the vital nutrients from quality proteins, and this guarantees that Addiction Pet Food is nutritionally beneficial for your pet. Compared with other brands, Addiction Pet Food is safe and much healthier for maintaining a well-balanced diet for your pet. Addiction also offer a vegetarian kibble and a kibble that is suitable for dogs in all stages of life.

How to transition your pets' kibble to Addiction.

If you are looking to start your puppy on a natural kibble, or you are looking to switch your dog’s kibble to a more quality brand, or perhaps your pet is just getting older and they require a kibble that better fits their changing nutritional needs, the Addiction range of kibble would suit your pet. Transitioning your pet is as simple as following these basic steps;

  • Do a taste test of the kibble.
  • Switch their food gradually or your pet may end up with tummy troubles.
  • Mix your dog’s current food with the new kibble over 7 days or longer if necessary.
  • Start giving your dog 75% of the current kibble and 25% of the new kibble for 3 - 4 days.
  • Gradually reduce the amount of current kibble while increasing the new kibble.
  • Be patient and monitor if your dog is eating all of the combined kibble at once.
  • Once your dog is accustomed to the Addiction kibble, start the transition.
  • If at any time during the transition, your pet experiences gastro-intestinal upset, keep the ratio of old to new kibble the same for several days. This will allow your pet to adjust to the new ratio before you incorporate more of the new kibble.
  • Monitor your pet’s stool until it is firm and at normal consistency.
  • Once your dog is ready to continue the transitioning journey, feed a 50-50 mix of old and new kibble. Again, wait one day after their stool is firm.
  • Complete the transition by feeding your pet 100% of the new kibble.

Both the Addiction and Wishbone pet food range is available at the Paw Store and we offer a 15% discount for first time buyers, and a further 15% discount on recurring subscriptions. 

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