How Herzog, The German Shepherd Got His Mojo Back

This month we discuss the merits of using a quality organic supplement in your pet's meals to promote good health, as endorsed by Billy and her dog Herzog.

Billy shares her story below about her dog, Herzog, and his recovery from CCL (Cranial Cruciate Ligament). During this time, Herzog's meals was supplemented with the Biophive Hip and Joint as well as the Longevity powder.

“Over a year ago, my 9 and a half year old German Shepherd, Herzog had major, cruciate surgery. As part of his recovery I started supplementing his meals by sprinkling Biophive Hip and Joint, as well as Biophive Longevity powder over his food on alternate days as per the recommended serving instructions. His recovery was fast and the supplements work together great. In fact he now does not act his age. These supplements not only help his joints and muscles but also his overall wellbeing and keeps Herzog in peak condition”.

One of the ailments that your dog could suffer from is the above mentioned disease Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL), similar to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament in humans. Cranial cruciate rupture is the tearing of the cranial cruciate ligament. It is the most common cause of rear-leg lameness in dogs and a major cause of degenerative joint disease.  There are multiple causes of dog CCL injuries including; activity, breed, age, and obesity.

The Paw Store stock a range of supplements from Biophive that help to keep your pet in optimal health condition. We have customers that purchase one or more of these supplements on a regular basis for their pets. Even we, as owners of an elderly dog as well as another dog having had multiple surgeries, have found how vitally important it is to supplement our pet's diet with a quality formula, such as Biophive. 

The Biophive range consists of 4 different supplements;

    These are 100% natural New Zealand made formulas, specially designed for dogs.

    The Biophive formulas not only gives your best friend what they need to live an active and playful life, but can also help aid in surgery recovery or promote longevity in senior dogs. 

    Check out the full range of Biophive here


    • Hey Billy, apologies for the miscommunication! it looks like we had the wrong info at our end, it should be all corrected now. We appreciate your wonderful story and we hope Herzog is well :) – Brian

    • Hi actually a female lol..Herzogs mum..Herzog had been on these supplements prior to his cruciate surgery and his vet and surgen could not get over how healthy he is and was during his recovery and how well he did recover


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