Have Your Pets Ever Become Stressed?

Have you ever found that your pet becomes stressed when you leave home and they have to be left behind? Or around Guy Fawkes when people are letting off fireworks and the celebrations become loud, the party next door becomes rowdy and your pet is showing signs of anxiety? Long trips by car or plane and loud or irritating noises can affect your pets to the extent that they become stressed. We have all tried taking action, such as keeping our pets indoors and even trying to minimise external loud noises.

However, this may not be enough to keep your pet from becoming stressed during these situations, and it is not always possible to prevent or minimise external noises often out of our control. In addition, our pets become very attached to us and do not like being separated from their owners.

We have found that using a natural solution such as Silberhorn PetCalm Herbal Anti-Stress Capsules assist in keeping your pet settled and calm in stressful situations. PetCalm features a range of natural non-narcotic herbs to help gently calm your pet. Used successfully by kennel proprietors to calm their boarders, this non-evasive calming capsule will help settle your pet’s anxiety.

PetCalm contains ingredients including;
Hop, Skullcap, Valerian, St Johns Wort & Passiflora extract, plus Capsicum powder as a transport herb.

    All these ingredients come together to create a stress fighting remedy that will ensure not only you and pet get a good night’s sleep, but that your pet can comfortably beat any stressful situation.

    Pet Calm Herbal Anti-Stress Capsules comes in 100 x 200mg Herbal Anti-Stress Capsules and available on our website in Remedies.

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    • I purchased these a few months ago for a rescue corgi they are amazing calmed her down and gave her time to get used to her new environment. Totally recommend

      Denise Mitchell

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