The Convenience Of Using Afterpay To Pay For Your Purchases

Make paying for your purchases easier by using Afterpay 

    We love our pets and want to provide for them. Yet we all live in a time where everything is becoming more expensive. We have recognised this and sought to make it easier for pet owners to buy products for their pets. After requests from our customers and after much research, we concluded that offering Afterpay as an additional method of payment provides customers with the flexibility to still be able to afford to purchase products by spreading payments over 6 weeks. In September 2018 we decided to offer Afterpay on our website.

    The way it works is, you will need to sign up to Afterpay then once you have decided on your purchase, you will need to pay 25% of the value of the items upfront, and this will be paid via the debit or credit card loaded on your Afterpay account. You will then be shown a repayment schedule, which requires three further payments over six weeks, i.e. One every fortnight.

    The benefits of using Afterpay

    Immediate use

    Customers are able to use their Afterpay account straight away, rather than go through the lengthy application processes you might experience when taking out a loan, for instance.

    Seamless integration within store

    Afterpay is fully integrated within an online store’s checkout, which ensures easy useability. There’s also no need to keep track of complex payment plans. You can simply opt to pay with Afterpay at the checkout and let them sort out the plan for you – it will get sent straight to your email inbox!

    Fee and interest-free terms

    By using Afterpay you don’t have to pay any interest on your repayments, and you’ll avoid hefty application fees that can be associated with money lending options. The Afterpay service prides itself on being free for all customers to use, with the only associated costs being the price of your purchase and late payment fees.

    Afterpay is becoming pretty well-known for its seamless integration into online stores.

    Provides automatic framework for payment

    It’s hard to create and stick to your own payment plan sometimes, however Afterpay does all the organising for you. Afterpay splits the total amount of your bill into four equal fortnightly instalments, which will be automatically charged to your nominated debit or credit card. You will be emailed a copy of your payment schedule, so you can make sure your bank account is prepared for those payments each fortnight, or even pay ahead of time if you choose to do so.

    Refund process stays the same

    If you were worried that adding Afterpay to the mix might interfere with your ability to get an easy refund, don’t stress. You can still claim a refund for purchases you have made with Afterpay, in line with the individual store’s refund policy.

    Good alternative to using a credit card

    If you usually use your credit card to make purchases you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, switching to Afterpay for retail spending may be a good option because you’ll avoid interest fees.

    So, Afterpay it > Shop now - Pay later - Interest free. Easy.

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