Veal Clod Bone

Veal Clod Bone

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100% Natural Veal Bone Dog Treat

The veal bone is great for dogs because chewing is a natural part of a canine's behaviour. It keeps your dog busy particularly when you are not around and when your pal becomes mischievous. The bone itself has bits of dehydrated meat on it making it an even more delicious snack for your dog. The veal bone is long lasting and contains natural vitamins and minerals inside the bone matter, making it a super healthy chew treat. Your pet will also enjoy the different textures as they merrily chew on it. 

  • Sourced from New Zealand free-range animals
  • 100% digestible and palatable
  • Grain and gluten-free with no added salt or sugar
  • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
  • Naturally dried for goodness and flavour
  • Great reward treat and good for promoting your dog's long-term dental health

*Veal bones are sold by quantity not by weight and may be in halves in which case we will pack in two haves to make up one full size bone.*

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