Rubber Bone Dog Toy

Rubber Bone Dog Toy

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Rubber Bone Toy - Suitable for Puppies

The Rubber Bone Toy is an excellent activity toy, chew toy, and fetch toy in one. It keeps your dog stimulated for long periods while you are away or out of the house. It is a great dental dog toy that is made of strong, yet flexible rubber. It helps gently clean your dog's teeth while they bite and play with it. It also massage the gums keeping them clean too. The Rubber Bone is great for teething puppies, as the rubber points on the bone will help ease your puppy's aching gums and growing teeth.

The Rubber Toy Bone is made to be tough and durable, in fact, the strong and robust rubber is specially designed to stay solid in the face of even the strongest chewers. Your dog can go to town chewing on this rubber toy bone. This also makes it ideal for teething puppies and senior dogs with sensative teeth and gums. 

  • Non-toxic rubber safe for pets
  • Relief pattern playfully cleans teeth
  • Prevents plaque and tartar build-up
  • Suitable for small dogs and puppies
  • Available in 2 colours; blue & green

This highly-resistant rubber bone toy with pointy surface not only promotes good dental hygiene in your dog, but also stimulates your dog's mind as they chew it. Having a toy bone will keep your bestie occupied and encourages play in them. 

Size: 12 cm