LED Light Band Collar 65cm

LED Light Band Collar 65cm

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Trixie LED Light Band Collar For Dogs 65cm

Dog walking just became fun with the Trixie USB light band for dogs. This light band also ensures your dog is safe and easily visible in the dark. The LED light is bright and come in neon colours, so you know exactly where your dog is at night. This means your dog stays safe during night walks. The Trixie USB light band's strap is made of strong nylon and has two lighting modes: constant and flashing. In the flashing or blinking mode, the battery will last approximately 4 hours, and with the constant light about 2.5 hours. If the battery is empty, you can recharge it with the included USB cable. To set the Trixie USB light band to the right size, you can simply cut it.

  • Made of durable TPU/nylon
  • Band can be cut to size for adjustment
  • Includes rechargeable USB cable & screwdriver
  • Settings for flashing & continuous light modes
  • Splash-proof/water resistant & protective USB cover
  • Can be cut to size for smaller dogs or cats

Approximately 4 hours flashing light and 2.5 hours continuous light.

*For more detailed instructions, refer to the manual supplied with the unit.