Hartz Catnip - 28g

Hartz Catnip - 28g

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Hartz Just for Cats Catnip

When Hartz 100% Catnip comes out, nap time is officially over. Made with just a single ingredient, it’s just what your kitty needs for a super-charged play session. All natural and non-toxic to pets, catnip mimics the stimulation your furry friend’s ancestors experience from tracking down prey in the wild. It stimulates your feline friend to encourage play and increase exercise to inspire even the most inactive cats to play on all four paws. 

  • Sprinkle it on surfaces, such as a scratcher, stuff inside a toy, or lightly dust your cat’s favorite lounging areas or bedding to spark a round of exercise
  • Can be used as a training aid or to keep your kitty away from scratching the furniture by sprinkling some on a safe target or their favourite toy
  • Great for refilling toys or kitty pouches to make play time even better

A pinch of this irresistible nip goes a long way!

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