Deer Ears With Fur

Deer Ears With Fur

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Deer furry ears are actually exceptionally good for your dog and we hope that even if you are still dubious, you may give them a go. 

The fur covering the deer ears is actually classed as a source of fibre, and as we all know, fibre in the diet aids good digestive health.

1) As fur is undigestible, it basically brushes its way through the digestive tract and helps to clear away food residue which can build up over time. This build up of food residue can cause a sluggish digestive system, which can over time cause discomfort. 

2) Cleaning the digestive tract aids your pooch's body in absorbing most of the nutrients being ingested through the cell wall of the digestive tract.  Clean digestive system = more nutrients absorbed.

3) The 'brushing' action of the fur also acts as a natural protection against worms by brushing away worms and eggs in the digestive system. To achieve optimum protection, it’s advised to feed regularly (we recommend one ear a week) PLUS it helps negate the need for harsh worming tablets if you combine natural wormers such as these with a worm count test twice a year. 

4) The fur also aids in cleaning teeth too as it rubs a little of the surface plaque off the gums and between the teeth (without you needing to arm yourself with a toothbrush).

5) Fibre/fur is great for bulking up poo. To naturally express the anal glands (yuk but true), poo needs to be firm enough to press against the anal glands as it passes through.

Deer ears are ideal for medium to large dogs (and medium to large breed puppies). They're chewy so will keep dogs occupied for a while!

The fur adds fibre but mean they are only suitable for dogs on a fully raw diet so the fur can be easily digested.

One of the major benefits of fur dog treats is that they act as a natural de-wormer for dogs – goodbye smelly chemical treatments, the nutritious natural alternative is here! As your dog chews and consumes fur, the hair sweeps the digestive tract. Along the way, the pesky worms get trapped in the hair and leave the body in your dog’s faeces. This might mean some weird bits in your dog’s do-dos, but we can assure you it’s perfectly natural!

The process might sound a bit unpleasant to us humans, but your new worm free dog will be happier than ever and will have enjoyed a delicious snack in the process. A serving of deer's  ear  can help to remove a range of parasites and dog worms including the main types of worms that commonly affect domestic dogs – roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms. To keep on top of worms fur treats can be added to meals daily or served on their own a few times a week. For smaller dogs we recommend cutting the treats into smaller pieces until you are able to gauge how quickly your dog likes to eat them.