Goat Tail

Goat Tail

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100% Natural Goat Tail (Bone) Dog Treats

Goat Tail is a novel protein that is scrumptious and naturally oily so it provides a lip-smacking treat for any discerning dog. It has a great combination of bone and meaty bits, so it delivers a wide range of textures that is sure to have your doing tricks. Because the Goat Tail is coated in natural oils, it adds great flavour while packing in the nutrients. We do recommend supervision while your dog chews on Goat Tail because it does contain bone. Goat Tail is a super delish and mouth watering treat suitable for all dog breeds. It also makes a great substitute if your dog is averse to beef or lamb. 

  • Sourced from New Zealand free-range goat
  • Grain & gluten-free with no added salt or sugar
  • Long lasting chew with great flavour & texture
  • Contains natural oils for extra meaty goodness 
  • Great for keeping your dog busy when you're away
  • Comes in a resealable bag to keep fresh

Please supervise your pet while they chew on this treat because it does have jagged edges and bone.