Dog Skin & Coat Formula - 30g

Dog Skin & Coat Formula - 30g

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Roam Health 100% Natural New Zealand formula made for Dogs.

Recommended for all dogs for a healthy and shiny coat. Can help maintain normal skin moisture in dogs with skin allergies or dry skin. 

This is a 100% natural formula made of New Zealand Deer Placenta and Deer Antler Velvet to support skin and coat health in your best friend. 

Deer Placenta is a rich natural source of nutrients and growth factors. It is used in eastern medicine to improve skin health and treat skin conditions. 

Deer Antler Velvet is rich in collagen and uronic acid, essential for skin repair and regeneration. 

This formula can help your best friend’s skin and coat to always look it’s best. 

Skin and Coat Formula can:
  • Improve skin defects and irritations
  • Support skin regeneration
  • Provide for a healthy coat

Skin and Coat Formula is best suited to:

  • Dogs with skin irritations/sensitivities or allergies
  • Dogs whose coat is lacking a bit of shine