Dog Hip & Joint Formula - 30g

Dog Hip & Joint Formula - 30g

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Roam Health 100% Natural New Zealand formula made for Dogs.

Recommended for active dogs to help maintain healthy bone, connective tissue and joint structure and function. 

This supplement is a must for all grown dogs and can allow your best friend the freedom of movement they need to lead an active and playful life. 

Hip and Joint Formula can:

  • Improve movement and mobility
  • Provide joint support
  • Regenerate damaged/depleted joint tissue

Hip and Joint Formula is best suited to:

  • Highly active pets to maintain joint health
  • Pets with stiff joints and arthritis to repair joint tissue

This is a 100% natural formula made of New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet, Green-Lipped Mussel and Deer Sinew which are rich sources of chondroitin sulphate and glycosaminoglycans. This supplement comes in powder form and includes a measure spoon.

Dosage Information

                                Level scoops per day                 Days supply per bottle (avg)

Small dog:                           2                                                   59

Medium dog:                       3                                                    39

Large dog:                           4                                                    30