Drontal Allwormer For Cats 4kg

Drontal Allwormer - For Cats 4kg

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Drontal Allwormer For Cats - 4kg x 2 tablets

The Drontal Allwormer for cats and kittens protects your pet against every type of intestinal worm commonly found in cats, including roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms. This worming tablet for cats and kittens now comes in a new ellipsoid shape, designed specifically for cats. Having the same proven formula as the original Drontal Allwormers for Cats, new Drontal Allwormer for Cats with the ellipsoid shape provides the well-known and trusted protection.

This fast-acting cat worming tablet also provides peace of mind by helping to protect families against transmissible worm infections (found in animals) that can be harmful to humans. Gentle and effective, Drontal Allwormer tablets are suitable for cats of all ages, whether they are young kittens or pregnant queens.

Key Benefits: 

  • New ellipsoid shape 
  • Gentle and effective worming treatment
  • For young kittens, pregnant queens
  • Also effective for show animals 
  • Kills every type of intestinal worm common to cats 
  • Combine with Advantage for Cats for greater protection

Pack contains 2 tablets, dosages:

– ­½ tablet for cats under 3kg
– 1 tablet for cats 3.1kg to 6kg
– 1½ tablets for cats 6.1kg to 9kg
– 2 tablets for cats 9.1kg to 12kg